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You should have seen the pipes on the restaurant or supermarket. Many friends don't know what Xiaobian is today. +


Ventilation duct is an important part of ventilation and air conditioning system. It integrates the air intake of ventilation and air conditioning system, the heat, humidity and purification treatment equipment of air, the air supply (exhaust) vent, components and fans into a whole to make them work effectively.


The planning mission of ventilation pipeline is to organize air activities reasonably and make the initial investment, operation and maintenance cost of the project the most economical on the premise of guaranteeing the function of operation. Therefore, whether the ventilation pipeline planning is reasonable or not directly affects the technical and economic role of the whole ventilation and air conditioning project construction and operation. Thus, it is very important to consider all kinds of problems in ventilation pipe planning.


No flange connection


Because the air duct can not be connected in blue, it has many advantages, such as tight joint quality, light joint weight, data saving, simple construction process, time saving, easy to realize full mechanization, automatic construction, low construction cost, and so on, so it has been widely used。

现在风管无法兰衔接方式有几十种,并且新的方式还在不断出现,但按其结构原理可分为承插、插条、咬合、铁皮法兰和混合式衔接五种。无法兰衔接首要用于边长较小的风管,有C 形插条衔接和S形插条衔接。

Nowadays, there are dozens of ways that air duct can't be connected by blue, and new ways are still appearing, but according to their structural principles, they can be divided into five types: socket, insert, occlusion, tin flange and hybrid connection. No flange connection is mainly used for smaller side wind pipes, with C - shaped cutting connection and S - shaped cuttings.

风管标准较小,大边长度小于450mm的风管选用C 形插条衔接,大边长度大于450mm而小于1000mm的风管则选用立式S 形插条衔接,衔接后用空心拉铆钉将插条端部与风管铆固,再在缝隙处涂以密封胶,以确保风管的严密性。提高风客无法兰衔接施工质量的基本措施如下:

The standard of air duct is small, the length of big side is less than 450 mm, and the length of big side is more than 450 mm and less than 1000 mm. The vertical S-shaped insert is used to connect the air duct. After the connection, the end of the insert is riveted with the air duct by the hollow rivet, and sealant is applied to the gap to ensure the tightness of the air duct. The basic measures to improve the construction quality of flanges without flanges are as follows:

(1)依照标准要求,严格控制每种无法兰接头运用范围,如“S”、“C”形插条运用范围是矩形风管长边不大于630mm, 立咬口不大于100mm。立咬口90 度贴角宽度要和立咬口高度相一致,90 度应精确,接口合口衔接翻边时顺序逐件敲合,并背面垫以方铁,使翻边立面平坦,90 度线平直。


(1) According to the standard requirements, strictly control the application scope of each kind of non-blue joint, such as "S" and "C" shaped insert, which is not more than 630 mm long side of rectangular duct and no more than 100 mm vertical bite. The 90 degree angle width of the vertical bite should be consistent with the height of the vertical bite. The 90 degree should be precise. When the joint joints are flanged one by one, the flanged elevation should be flattened and the 90 degree line should be straight with square iron on the back.


(2) strictly according to the scale requirements of the wind pipe。 If the counterpart misalignment is significant, the insertion will be deviated; the small mouth will fall into the big mouth to form the insertion can not be fastened or the joint will be distorted and distorted。 Cut can not be significantly deflected, the opening seam should be in the middle, whether the cutter is still pipe end bite flanging should be precise, compact, after the joint will be neat and tight。


(3) The end of flanging quadrilateral tube should be flat on one side, and the small tube can be folded out by folding machine at one time, and the flanging should be equal in width on the whole extension line。 This is also necessary for the flatness of the air duct interface when the device is connected。


(4) In addition to the encrypted gasket on the butt face of the device with the spring clamp of the iron flange (including the iron flange socket), the other sealants are mostly coated outside the joints after the joints are finished, and the seams are cleaned before the joints are coated。 The sealant can not be replaced by putty and lime paste, and the special seal bag is used。


(5) supports and hangers for air duct installations are set according to standard requirements. After the connecting of the duct, the air leakage test of the duct should be carried out according to the requirements of the standard grade.


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