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  Brief description of installation process and method of ventilation duct parts


  The installation of ventilation pipes and components, civil engineering should be based on the condition of open and concealed air pipes, it is necessary to have the necessary conditions to carry out. For air ducts installed in open or in skilled sandwiches, they should be completed in the future at the site of the ventilation duct installation or the main project and the evaluation and painting. If the ventilation duct installation is followed by civil construction and other operations, the ventilation duct, especially the air cleaning system, may be damaged and the pipeline will be polluted. The installation of concealed air duct should cooperate with civil construction in time, otherwise it will damage the decoration ceiling and wall of civil construction.

极速时时彩官网  在施工过程中,应依据土建的进展安排,派专人密切合作土建,做好孔洞的预留和预埋件的敷设作业,以免装置时再打洞,既糟蹋工料又影响土建工程质量。第一节装置前的准备作业一、装置前的准备作业风管体系装置前,应进一步核实风管及送回(排)风口等部件的轴线和标高是否与规划图纸相符,并查看土建预留的孔洞、预埋件的方位是否符合要求,依据施工计划断定的施工办法安排劳动力出场,并将预制加工的支、吊、托架、风管按安排好的施工次序运至现场。同时,将施工辅佐用料(螺栓、螺母、垫料及粘接剂、密封胶等)和必要的装置东西准备好,依据工程量巨细及体系的多少分段进行装置。

  In the process of construction, according to the progress of civil engineering, special personnel should be sent to work closely with civil engineering, do well in the preparation of holes and the laying of embedded parts, so as not to drill holes again when installing, which will not only waste materials but also affect the quality of civil engineering. Section 1 Preparatory operation before installation. Before air duct system installation for preparation operation before installation, it is necessary to further verify whether the axis and elevation of air duct and return (exhaust) air outlet and other components are in conformity with the planning drawings, check whether the orientation of the reserved holes and embedded parts in civil engineering meets the requirements, arrange labor exit according to the construction method determined by the construction plan, and expenditure on prefabricated processing. The suspension, bracket and air duct are transported to the site in the arranged construction sequence. At the same time, the construction auxiliary materials (bolts, nuts, cushions, adhesives, sealants, etc.) and necessary equipment are prepared, and the equipment is carried out according to the size of the project and the number of segments of the system.


  Cautions in Manufacturing and Installation of Ventilation Pipe Support


  Attentions should be paid to the construction and equipment of air duct support:


  (1) When making the bracket, it shall conform to the section steel standard stipulated in the national standard atlas and shall not be changed at will.


  (2) All bolt holes on air duct brackets shall be drilled, and gas welding cutting shall not be used.


  (3) The bracket with oblique support shall be fully welded.


  (4) The suspender should be cut out accurately in the suspension frame, and the overlap weld should not appear in the center of the suspender.


  (5) When the cross-section of the duct is small, expansion bolts can be used to fix the hangers on the floor. When the duct is large, the drilling method should be selected.


  (6) Before the bracket is installed, the central line of the air duct should be ejected from the wall rest, column and floor surface, and then the horizontal orientation and elevation of the bracket can be determined to ensure the horizontal and horizontal central orientation of the air duct behind the equipment.

极速时时彩官网  (7)、支架设备前,应对暴露部分进行除锈、刷防锈漆处理。

  (7) Before the bracket equipment, the exposed part should be rusted and brushed with anti-rust paint.



  (8) In order to prevent cold bridges from occurring in low-temperature air ducts, wooden blocks should be padded on the contact surface between the ducts and the brackets.


  (9) After leveling the bracket of the equipment on the wall, C20 concrete should be selected to plug the hole and tamper with the structural plane。


  (10) When prefabricating steel members on walls and columns is selected, the orientation and elevation of steel members should be checked before concrete is poured into civil construction。


  (11) When there is no special requirement, the air duct bracket is generally 3 m apart, but in the absence of 3 m air duct should be equipped with a bracket at both ends, and brackets should be installed at tees or elbows.


  (12) No other professional pipeline or cable shall be equipped on the duct bracket.


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